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Artistic Reflections and Change During the Pandemic

This has certainly been a time for accepting and adapting to change and doing things in a different way. For the art world it has been particularly challenging, adapting to what was a visit to the gallery with crowded receptions and seeing artwork in person, is more often now a virtual experience. And the meaning behind the art has changed with the time. But the support for the arts has not diminished it has actually increased for some artists including myself, and for that I am grateful. Perhaps it is just being cooped up in our homes looking at our walls, that has increased buying art, or perhaps it is the money not spent on traveling or eating out, or perhaps it is just the need for something visual and stimulating during this thought provoking time.

For me it has been a time of change and reflecting. I have a new studio in a new city and state. My work has moved into a direction that I may or may not have adventured into before.

2020 began as an exciting year for upcoming shows but that abruptly ended when they were all canceled and postponed last spring. But I painted and painted and painted some more, applied for new shows, and awaited new dates for those postponed.

So what has happened since March of 2020:

MvVo Art: The Ad Art Show took place in September at the World Trade Center rather than May. There were no in person receptions at the World Trade Center. But it felt really good to be selected and to be a part of this show knowing that some people could view the art on the mammoth screens of the World Trade Center Oculus after being cooped up for so long. MvVo continues to feature my work on Artsy for 2021

The Visionary Project: I was 1 of 58 , out of more than 1000 applicants, selected for the international show, "The Era of Change" , a virtual exhibit,

I was selected by SIY Gallery, San Francisco to participate in the Healing Power in Isolation show ( a virtual show), and I won 2nd place in the show. You can view the interview at

Art Impact International: I participated in the "Save Our Oceans Save Our Seas" exhibit in Maryland.

I sold my last 4 paintings to hang at Gallery Z, Providence, RI. They closed their doors after 21 years on Federal Hill. I had numerous shows there over the past 14 years and many friends attended them. I will fondly remember so many good times there. It was sad to see them close, but they do plan to reopen by appointments only in a new location.

My solo show for Gent, Belgium has been postponed to January 2022. This is a very large show that will display about 30 of my artworks.

Little Van Gogh, Germany: I have been showing with LVG in Germany since 1999. My longest ongoing and rotating exhibition!! This year I sold 5 paintings with LVG, a very pleasant surprise.

Upcoming show, I was selected for a show at the Artist Council of Palm Desert, "Reflections 2020, it will begin February 22.

And one other big change:

After living in Providence for 17 years, we MOVED TO KANSAS CITY, MO. My birth home. Where I can once again be near family. However, we will make frequent visits to Providence when it is safe to travel again. But for all of those in RI and MA who supported and purchased my art over these many years I am so thankful!

NEW WORK for 2021:


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