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My painting series is inspired by the elements of Earth and beyond and its organic depth of color.  I see inspiration in landforms from above, water’s transparency and movement, rocks and minerals and their multiple layers of colors. Many of the materials used in painting are derived from elements of the earth and I use these elements to build something abstract and yet symbolic of what our planet is made of. Circles also have a symbolic meaning of infinity, balance, returning cycles, and the cosmos. I am creating a story of our planet but most importantly a dialogue about climate change and what is infinite or finite.  My paintings combine a mixed media of acrylic, oil, ink, and flashe vinyl, spray paint, as well as gold and bronze powder, mica, and melted plastic on linen canvas. We need to preserve our natural environment to create a more peaceful world.

Ad Art Show in NYC at the World Trade Center Oculus

1st Place at the Pawtucket Foundation Prize Show, Rhode Island

Pawtucket Arts Collaborative
Paintings By Erin Starr

World Trade Center Oculus NYC

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