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My paintings tell a story of our planet.

In an organic and abstract way my paintings represent the beauty of our planet and how our lands and oceans are changing. When I am working on a painting, I reflect on how nature was once linked together, the ground beneath our feet, the water translucent and moving, the trees and plants giving us air to breathe.  Now I see the ice fractured and melting, the rainforest depleting, the deserts drying or flooding, the heat becoming oppressive. Our planet is struggling and with that our wildlife, our plants, and humans are struggling. It is the story we are writing, the history we are making, and the future we will be living.

Ad Art Show at the Powerhouse Arts, Brooklyn NYC. MvVo

1st Place at the Pawtucket Foundation Prize Show, Rhode Island

Pawtucket Arts Collaborative
Paintings By Erin Starr

World Trade Center Oculus NYC

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