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 Erin Starr is an award-winning international artist.  Her artwork has been displayed in over 150 locations globally. She is an elected artist member of the Artist League of Rhode Island, Hera Gallery, the National Association of Women Artists, and Shared Habitat Earth.  Her work is a profound dialogue between our planet’s crisis and her creative expression. “Our land is constantly transforming and as our planet continues to warm, we see these effects more profound and rapid. I see inspiration in the beauty of the land as well as the elements in its organic and abstract nature.”  Erin is creating a story of our planet but most importantly a message about climate change, the human impact on the environment, and what is infinite or finite.  Her paintings represent a changing landscape and the pressing issues with dire consequences for our world in a unique and beautiful way.”  We need to preserve our natural environment for a more sustainable future”.  Erin’s art is in several publications and private collections around the world, including South Korea, Germany, Israel, Belgium, France, Spain, Nepal, and the United States.

Ad Art Show at the Powerhouse Arts, Brooklyn NYC. MvVo

1st Place at the Pawtucket Foundation Prize Show, Rhode Island

Pawtucket Arts Collaborative
Paintings By Erin Starr

World Trade Center Oculus NYC

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