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OF THE EARTH at Hera Gallery September 9 - October 7

A solo exhibition by ERIN STARR


Hera Gallery, 10 High Street, Wakefield RI 02880

OF THE EARTH tells a story of our planet.

In an organic and abstract way my paintings represent the beauty of our planet and how our lands and oceans are changing. When I am working on a painting, I feel how nature was once linked together, the ground beneath our feet, the water translucent and moving, the trees and plants giving us air to breathe. I also see the ice fractured and melting, the rainforest depleting, the deserts drying or flooding, the heat becoming oppressive. Our planet is struggling and with that our wildlife, our plants, and humans are struggling. It is the story we are writing, the history we are making, and the future we will be living.

I incorporate circles in my paintings to represent the movement of life, the completion and continuation of life in our natural world that once existed. However, that natural cycle is broken due to human interference and because of that we are losing natural habitats and animals at a rapid pace. Life is finite and we cannot rely on the circle of life to mend itself. We must find the means to mend what is broken.

I also reflect on the formation of our planet, are we made of the same elements; do we all share a common stardust?

The world has the resources to slow climate change, we have the technology, everything is there except unanimous support. People must reach out to those who can make changes, politicians and big corporations relying on fossil fuels. We can change the way we eat, travel, and drive, but the big changes need to come from the top down. We know this. My art is only a moment in time to create conversation, to respect the Earth, to know we can do better.

I hope everyone who views this exhibit will leave reflecting on the beauty “OF THE EARTH”.


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