What it means to me....PAINTING

Painting….What it means to me.

I have always been drawn to paint the female body and people have always asked me why.

When I began painting the female body, it was because the shape and the color inspired me. The feeling that I could convey my own feelings into the composition. I realized out of college most artists painting the female nude were men. This gave me even more inspiration to paint the female body. As a woman it seems right to paint the body, not as a symbol of just beauty but the understanding of what it means to be a female.

This has taken me on a journey over the years. A journey to paint the female in a bold and sometimes shocking pose to represent a women’s body is beautiful, meaningful, soulful, vs a sexual symbol.

I have moved on to paint the female to show movement and life, and sometimes sadness.

My journey has taken me to reflect on ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, with females embracing each other and not clearly defining their gender or race. This began my black and white, monochrome series. Beautiful Harmony and Embrace Love are inspired by “The Three Graces”.

I have often brought flowers into my paintings because flowers, like the figure, are organic and beautiful. Sometimes it is the combination of the both as in my painting “Battle the Darkness”, where the female and flowers are fighting the dark and angriness, which seems to prevail today.

Then there is always the search for peace and serenity as in my latest work, “Transparent” and “Fade Away” along with the landscapes of wide open space. The space seems empty, cold, and seemingly lonely but visually it is calming and subtle.

Painting is a subjective interpretation of what one feels when they see it but for me it is my personal journey. A journey I have walked for 30 years and counting.

"Painting does not come from sight or touch, but my endless thoughts, racing on a journey. A journey of self discovery, beautiful, cru

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